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Viking Lamp | 3D LED Light

Viking Lamp | 3D LED Light

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 Become the Legend with the Viking Light Experience! 🌟

Your Epic Story Starts Here: 🛡️

You know those cool Viking stories? Imagine diving right into one. Our Viking Light isn't just some fancy light – it’s a trip straight into the epic world of Vikings and old-school tales. With every glow, it’s like you’re living in a legendary movie scene.

Your Room, Your Vibe: 🌈

Want your room to feel cool, chill, or even fiery like a dragon? 🐉 You got it! With the Viking Light, switch between 22 different colors or settle on one of the 20 solid shades. It’s like having a magic wand for your room.

Set It Up Quick: 🚀

We’re here to help you get started on your Viking journey super fast. No need for a million steps; just plug it in and let the epic times begin!

Lights that Last… Like, Forever: 💡

Just like those tales that never get old, our light's gonna stay with you. Think of all the awesome nights with your Viking Light still shining bright.

Control It Like a Boss: 🎮

Your RF remote? Think of it as your superpower ring. Change colors, set the mood, all without getting off your bed.

Place It Anywhere: 📍

With a long power cable, decide where your light shines brightest, whether it's by your bed or lighting up your entire room.

Gift Some Epicness: 🎁

Got a friend who loves epic stories or cool stuff? This Viking Light's the perfect present. More than just a light, it's like gifting a cool adventure in a box.

Be the Star of Your Tale:

Why just listen to stories when you can be in one? With the Viking Light, every night feels legendary. Ready to light up your world the Viking way? 🛡️🔥


🛡️ Unleash Viking Glory with a Simple Setup Guide! 🛡️

Prepare for a Viking transformation! Elevating your space with illumimount's Viking Shield Light is a breeze. Follow these steps to create an atmosphere that will transport you to the realm of Norse legends:

✨ Step 1: Unboxing and Readying

  • Gently unbox the Viking Light, along with the remote and plug.
  • Flip the light to locate the adhesive circles.
  • Peel off the protective tape from the adhesive circles, revealing their stickiness.

🚀 Step 2: Prep for Placement

Before attaching your Viking-themed 3D LED light, remember these key points:

  • Check the bottom for the cable connection point.
  • Ensure the cable reaches a wall outlet.
  • Extra hands can help you align the 3D LED night lamp straight.
  • Avoid soft, greasy, or leather surfaces.
  • Choose a clean, dry spot.
  • Circular adhesive pads are one-time use.
  • Gently apply pressure to the lamp's edges.
  • Avoid pressing the center for integrity.

🌟 Step 3: Attach and Illuminate

  • Clean the surface.
  • Remove the adhesive backing and place your cool night lamp.
  • Press firmly along the edges for 10 seconds.

🔌 Step 4: Power Up for Viking Adventure

  • Plug into an outlet. Connect the cable to your led 3d sign's bottom.
  • Power on the remote, and immerse in the captivating Viking magic of your Viking Shield Light!

Don't forget to remove the protective plastic from the front!

✅ Get Ready to Elevate Your Viking Space!

Feel free to place this 3D LED night lamp in any Viking-themed space, whether it serves as wall decor for a game room or as a centerpiece in boys' rooms. This personalized LED light will undoubtedly bring the spirit of Norse legends to life. 🌟🛡️

Learn more about this gaming light in the technical information section below.

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